Themes and Interior

The atmosphere of your establishment is essential for your success.

Parents are looking activities with their children, wanting them to experience their childhood and last but not least clear their minds from everyday's life. The atmosphere of your establishment substantially contributes to the experience.

The atmosphere carries an effective and long lasting business operation:

  1. realistic concept and economic planning
  2. playing equipment with high playing value
  3. a unique and warm atmosphere
Family Entertainment Center Theming

Our professional market experience is based on business relationships with specialized professionals from all branches, i.e. furnishing (bars, etc.), designing, and painting your facility.

In addition to concept development and furnishing your facility with equipment and attractions, our themes complete the portfolio of Playground Consult.

We will be more than happy to provide references and a presentation with no obligation.

Mascot / Characters

The development of a mascot is an important and sympathetic binding element for your young visitors.

We work with specialists and artists to develop your very own personal identification figure. If desired, it also includes a costume for parades. The children are going to be enthusiastic about it.

Our Service

We support you. So that your project does not remain a bare idea.

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Toys, equipment, and everything else you need to operate a playground.

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