Family Entertainment Center

What are Family Entertainment Centers?

Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) are considered closed leisure facilities with attractions, playing equipment, and activities for children up to 14 years of age (depending upon equipment) with parental supervision.

Indoor-SpielparksIn addition, most Family Entertainment Centers offer a self-serve dining area or snacks. The admission enables visitors to stay at the Family Entertainment Center all day.

Indoor playgrounds represent an amazing growth opportunity in the amusement parks branche in germany.

Beginning in the early 90's with the first "Family Entertainment Centers", this booming market is scheduled to grow by an additional 400 units in addition to over 300 units already in operation.

What makes family Entertainment Centers successfull?

The impressive success of Family Entertainment Centers is based on:

  • operation during any weather condition
  • the need for shared experience
  • close proximity to the city
  • child-safe & large variety of equipment
  • large potential of your return on your investment (depending on your utilities, quality of operation, and competitive conditions)


You need a location with an attractive visitor potential, good accessibility, and a sufficient number of parking spots (based on unit size and capacity).

Remodel expenses based on local building codes are to be considered while budgeting.

Fixed costs (rent, labor, additional expenses) are to be kept as low as possible and expenditures for marketing and future additions are to be considered.

You will need your own funds and/or sufficient collateral for financing of your project as well as a realistic well developed concept with a buffer for any unexpected expenditures.

You essentially need a realistic well thought-thru concept that assures security during the planning process, and equipment that attracts visitors as does not require major start-up capital.

What RISE Consult can do for you ...

RISE-Consult plans and creates Family Entertainment Centers from the concept to the grand opening and supports operators with a selection of suitable and proven playing equipment and systems.

Our experience with operating the "KIDDO Spielpark"will benefit you tremendously.

Did you already create your business plan? We will examine your business plan based on up to date data of playgrounds currently in operation. Don't experiment on your own - save valuable time and money!

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