Everything for your Entertainment Center

The optimal equipment of your Family Entertainment Center includes playing equipment and attractions that are technically developed and tested in day-to-day operations.

Playing equipments and attractions

We know all manufacturers and suppliers, the strengths and weaknesses of each individual product, recommend equipment that attracts new and repeat visitors with low investment costs.

You can find a selection of our playing equipment to the right.

Adventure Climbing

climbing_wallGreat and flexibel. New in 2015: the Adventure-Climbing Arena!


Good service is the key for success. This includes an innovative ordering tool, our "VeDoSign Call-Systems". A simple but yet effective system that lets your visiots know when their order is ready.

Silent Ordering System

Silent Ordering System

VeDoSign Call Systems is an innovative and intelligent service tool that helps run your business smooth and effective and opens up new possibilities with your menu.

Visitors receive a pager with their order that beeps and flashes as soon as their order is ready. Radio transmitted and number allocated.



Our Service

We support you. So that your project does not remain a bare idea.

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Toys, equipment, and everything else you need to operate a playground.

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