Business Operations

Our consultation doesn't end with the grand opening of your Family Entertainment Center. we will be there for you during regular business operations and assist with planning and executing your advertising.

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If you would like to extend your existing indoor playground equipment or exchange attractions, we will be happy to assist you.

- Accompany and partner during the initial phase
- ongoing activities
- advertising and marketing
- and more

Attractive Advertisement for your Family Entertainment Center

We advise you on the proper selection and implementation of marketing and events and provide additional material.

1) Trade Shows

Trade shows are your first choice to attract first-time visitors, and built your returning visitor's business. From children's-musical to nutrition exhibitions - we offer attractive programs for the little visitors and "grown-up's".

Example: Exhibition "Correct eating and drinking with Kasimir" at the Werry-Kids Spielparadies

2) Trade Area-Charts

For effective advertising it is essential to know where your visitors are coming from. It helps save unnecessary expenses, and helps you place targeted direct mail and print marketing. RISE-Consult supports you with a graphical evaluation of the catchment area regarding the journey times by car.

3) RISE-Printpool and advertising material

We pass our convenient purchasing power on to you. Flyers, labels, and advertising tools.


Improvement of your Family Entertainment Center

You already operate your own Family Entertainment Center but it is not as efficient as it should be? We will accompany you for a day and work with you to find solutions to optimize your efficiency.

1) Profitability Analysis

We will look at your Profit and Loss statement. Individual activities and attractions, or business areas like dining, we will show you the efficiency of each area.

In most cases complex changes to your business model are not necessary. Small changes to your business model are going to have the largest impact. We will show you where to start.

2) Improvement of Business Workflows

Entrance, checkroom, dining, or event security... especially during peak hours you could face shortages which could lead to dissatisfied visitors.

We can show you how to improve such situations significantly with little changes in your business workflow. That will not only improve your guests satisfaction but also your financial figures.

Our Service

We support you. So that your project does not remain a bare idea.

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Toys, equipment, and everything else you need to operate a playground.

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