Experience is the key

Are you planning to operate a successful Family Entertainment Center?

Indoor Spielpark - PlanungWe will support you with our professional experience finding the right location necessary for the long-term financial success and maximum return on your investment of your Family Entertainment Center.

The professional development of a business plan is an important necessity for investor financing and a requirement before implementing your concept.



Before funding is put in place, the following questions are the center of attention:

  • Which hall size is optimal at my location to maximize the return on my investment?
  • How much do I have to invest in order to present an attractive, competitive offer?
  • What conditions need to be fulfilled in order to receive an operating permit?
  • How many employees are needed and how much of associated costs and debts can be accumulated in order to generate a return?

There are many more important questions to ask and there are empirical values from the realization and opration, which you should familiarise yourself with.

We have this experience as well as all necessary characteristic data to support you with the important decision making process.

Our Service

We support you. So that your project does not remain a bare idea.

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Toys, equipment, and everything else you need to operate a playground.

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